Sample Packaging and Distribution

Challenger can provide the client with experienced field personnel to make sure that the valuable samples that have been collected in the field are packaged securely for transport and that they will arrive at there destination preserved as well as they left the field or warehouse.

Challenger can provide a safe transport service from the field to City or Client based destination for up to 10 tonnes of samples with its own licenced driver.

Poorly packaged and supervised samples can disintegrate or get lost during transportation leading to a huge loss of value to the client.

Challenger often gets samples form the field which have not been properly cleaned, labelled, boxed etc and Challenger will clean, re box, re label and package for storage.

Quality control in this area includes:

  • Safe and secure packaging appropriate for the type of sample.
  • Clear and water resistant destination labelling of the sample containers.
  • Careful stacking of the samples on the truck. Stacking too high can crush boxes and samples.
  • Careful selection of transport mode and contractor.
  • Transport driver education of safe transport.
  • Washed, labelled and packaged to meet State Government Regulations (Guidelines for the submission of core and cuttings samples)