Logistical Services

Aspects associated with the safe and careful recovery, packaging, transport, distribution and storage of field samples, drill cuttings and core samples:

Field Operations Planning

Assistance to companies with field operations planning and logistics

Field Operations Sample Recovery Support

Supervision and execution of onsite sampling and quality control

Sample Packaging and Distribution

Safe and secure packaging of samples for transport

Sample Storage

Safe and secure storage for future access

Processing Services

Specific services associated with the processing of the samples:

Sample sorting, Cleaning, and Labelling

Specific preparation of samples for future analysis or storage

Core Cutting and Plugging

Suite of cutting machines for all sample sizes and lengths

Core and Sample Photography

Highest quality digital and non digital photography for later reference

XRf, Core Gamma and Other Services

Quality XRF Readings & Core gamma logging for accurate core location and sequencing

Rock Typing and Scale Analysis (Coming soon)